Pixel Nation – A New Quarterly Retro Publication

by Lee Garbutton April 7, 2012
A few days ago I posted about Pix’n Love’s latest publication, The History of Nintendo Vol.2 – Now I bring word of yet another series of retro-based books.

The History of Nintendo, Vol.2 – Now Available From Pix’n Love Publishing

by Lee Garbutton April 5, 2012
Think you know all there is to know about the oldest videogame company around? How’s your knowledge of Game & Watches? Time for a history lesson, whippersnappers!

The Last Minute Christmas Gamer Gift Guide

by Lee Garbutton December 20, 2011
Looking for that special something for the gamer in your life, but aren’t sure what cool stuff to get? Allow GodisaGeek to be your guide to the best game-related gifts you can pickup; without resorting to a midnight petrol station shopping session.