Merlin: The Game Interview: Lead Designer Mike Bithell

by Joe Bognaron October 18, 2012 recently interviewed Mike Bithell, Lead Designer of Bossa Studio's Merlin The Game. Adventuring on Facebook was never so cool before. Read the whole interview at

Might & Magic: Duel of Champions PC and iPad Hands-On Preview

by Ryan Sandreyon July 11, 2012
We recently got to get hands-on with a new online card game set within the universe of Might & Magic. See what we thought with the preview now.

The Angels Have The Phonebox: An Interview with the Minds Behind Doctor Who: Worlds in Time

by Martin Bakeron February 23, 2012
We recently got a chance to talk to Robert Nashak and Daniel James about the browser-based MMORPG Doctor Who: Worlds in Time. Read the full interview at

8 Realms Preview

by Martin Bakeron January 26, 2012
We took a look at the upcoming browser based MMORTS from Jagex, 8 Realms. See what we thought with the preview here.