Max Payne 3 Local Justice DLC Out Now

by Robin Parkeron July 4, 2012
Rockstar Games have released the Local Justice Pack DLC add-on for Max Payne 3 - which includes 3 new maps and other new features.

Max Payne Is Coming With a New Launch Trailer

by Robin Parkeron May 11, 2012
Rockstar Games have released their latest video for Max Payne 3 - the official launch trailer - ahead of its release next week.

Say Hello to the Boomstick in New Max Payne 3: Shotguns Video

by Robin Parkeron April 10, 2012
The Shotgun is the star of the latest Max Payne 3: Weapons video, as Rockstar Games reveals how much damage it can do.

Watch People Slowly Jump Through the Air in the new Max Payne 3 Multiplayer Trailer

by Alex Wozniakon March 28, 2012
Rockstar have a released a brand new video for Max Payne 3, which focuses on the game’s multiplayer offering. The video features a substantial amount of people diving whilst shooting in slow motion, otherwise known as Bullet Time. Whilst this has been a core feature of previous Max Payne games, Rockstar is now attempting to […]

Vanquish Review

by Tony Windebankon November 4, 2010
Game: Vanquish Developer: Platinum Games Publisher: SEGA Available on: Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (Reviewed on Xbox 360)