Call of Duty: Black Ops II: Uprising DLC Review

by Mick Fraseron April 22, 2013
Treyarch balance decent new maps with an excellent Zombies add-on in the best Call of Duty DLC in ages.

Black Ops 2 Revolution Map Pack Details Revealed – Xbox Players Get First Dibs

by Jonny Lewison January 10, 2013
Activision have just sent over details of the upcoming Revolution DLC pack for Call of Duty Black Ops II, which will get a period of exclusivity on Xbox 360.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Review

by Mick Fraseron November 21, 2012
There was a time, not so long ago, when November’s sales chart was just as unpredictable as any other month; when Quarter-4 wasn’t a release window to be feared by all military shooters – or indeed, any game ever – attempting to infiltrate the market. It was a time before Call of Duty. Read the full review at

Bioware to "Directly Address" Criticism of Mass Effect 3 Ending With New Content

BioWare Respond to the Black Ops 2 Debacle: “We’re Answering the Call”

by Mick Fraseron November 14, 2012
With tongue firmly in cheek, BioWare call copies of Mass Effect 2 turning up in Black Ops 2 boxes an "omen". Marketing hi-jinx ensue.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II – 12 Spanking New Multiplayer Screens

by Mick Fraseron October 14, 2012
Add to that the new "CodCasting" system which turns each match into a spectator sport complete with colour commentary and the option to livestream events, and Black Ops II is looking like the most complete Call of Duty package to date.

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Play Black Ops 2 Multiplayer at Gamescom or Watch Live on Xbox 360

by Tarak Fordon August 9, 2012
Black Ops 2's multiplayer offering will be playable for the first time ever at Gamesom next week, if you're not attending don't worry you can still catch the action on Xbox LIVE.

Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Trailer Released

by Tarak Fordon August 7, 2012
The moment Call of Duty fans have been waiting for is here, as Treyarch show the first multiplayer footage for Black Ops 2.

Black Ops 2 Pre-Order Bonus Confirmed, Nuketown 2025

by Tarak Fordon July 2, 2012
Activision has confirmed that fan favourite map Nuketown will be re-imagined for Black Ops 2.