Nintendo aims to have first movie out in next few years

by David Hunteron May 16, 2016
Just pretend Super Mario Bros didn't happen.

WildStar Week, Day 5: Meet the Human

by Martin Bakeron December 16, 2011
Today is the final day of WildStar Week, and what a week we've had! For the final instalment we get to meet the human member of our heroic trio, Buck. Find out all the information only at!

WildStar Week, Day 3: Meet the Aurin

by Martin Bakeron December 14, 2011
It's been a busy week so far at and we're showing now signs of slowing down as we hit the mid-week point. Today in WildStar week we've got a character interview with Liara the Aurin, the researcher that can be seen in the trailer. Find out all the exclusive information at!

WildStar Week, Day 1: Meet the Sarge

by Martin Bakeron December 12, 2011
Meet Sarge - A crazy Granok with a thirst for adventure, in the first of's exclusive coverage of the upcoming MMO from Carbine Studios and NCSoft. Check out the interview with Sarge at and check back tomorrow for even more exclusive content!