Dead by Daylight add Resident Evil Legends

by News Teamon June 16, 2021
Resident Evil characters Chris and Claire Redfield come to Dead by Daylight.

Resident Evil 6 Review

by Adam Cookon October 1, 2012
The marketing slogan has been "No Hope Left", but Resident Evil 6 shows that there's plenty of life in the old dog yet, hope making way to satisfaction and happiness, Resident Evil is back, baby. Read the full review at

Resident Evil 6 Preview – The Magic Number

by Adam Cookon August 27, 2012
Not content with merely aping itself, Resident Evil 6 appears to be a monumental effort with a staggering amount of content in the package and an enjoyable experience to be had for fans of all incarnations of the series. Read the full preview at

Resident Evil 6 Demo Available On XBLA Right Now

by Colm Ahernon July 3, 2012
Those who bought Dragon's Dogma earlier this year, will get to play a demo of Resident Evil 6 right now on Xbox 360!

Resident Evil: Revelations Review

by Martin Bakeron February 22, 2012
We've all seen the screenshots, a few of us will have played the recently released demo, but does Resident Evil: Revelations live up to all the hype? Find out with the full review now.