Atari releasing Flashback Classics on PS4 and Xbox One this October

by Greg Hillon May 25, 2016
Featuring all games "remastered and bundled on one disc".

Here’s a few of the notable games coming this March

by Greg Hillon March 2, 2016
What will you be picking up?

Revolution: The 25th Anniversary Collection set for launch on March 11

by Greg Hillon January 27, 2016
All of Revolution's games in one lovely package.

Rockstar Games Collection Revealed, North American Release Set For November

by Colm Ahernon October 12, 2012
Rockstar has revealed Rockstar Games Collection Edition featuring some of their best well loved games from this generation.

To-Fu Collection Review

by Sean Smithon July 6, 2012
The To-Fu games are one of the staples of the iOS and Android Marketplaces, so how does it fare when it comes to its transfer to the Nintendo DS? Find out with the review of To-Fu Collection.

Devil May Cry HD Collection Review

by Lee Garbutton April 3, 2012
Yet another HD Collection is on the horizon, but how does it fare compared to the multitude of other compilations we have seen in recent months? Find out with the review of Devil May Cry HD Collection.

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Silent Hill HD Collection Review

by Lee Garbutton March 28, 2012
Two of Konami's survival horror smashes arrives on Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3, but is Silent Hill still relevant? Find out with the review.

Jak and Daxter Trilogy Review

by Martin Bakeron March 15, 2012
One game that people were begging to be released and remastered was the Jak and Daxter Trilogy. Sony have finally listened and released the Naughty Dog games to the masses. Find out how it held up with the review.

Sanctum Collection Review

by Martin Bakeron February 13, 2012
We've all played Tower Defence games before, but how about one played from a First Person perspective? That's exactly what Sanctum, developed by Coffee Stain Studios, is. Read the full review at