Video: The New PlayStation Store

by Martin Bakeron October 18, 2012
To give you a little bit of a sneak peek of the update before you get it, we've put together a short video where we walk you through the new PlayStation Store in the hopes of getting you a little bit more familiarised with it before you get your hands on it. Watch the full video at

A Game of Dwarves – Video Preview

by Martin Bakeron September 27, 2012
We've all been inundated with with stories of steel and intrigue, amongst other more questionable topics, from A Game of Thrones, but now it's time to learn about A Game of Dwarves. Watch the entire video at

Video Walkthrough: Hitman: Sniper Challenge

by Martin Bakeron June 4, 2012
Take a look at the downloadable game that all pre-orders of Hitman: Absolution entitles you to. Check out the full video at