Contra: Operation Galuga

Contra: Operation Galuga review

by Lyle Carron March 11, 2024
The way forward.

Contra III Hits eShop This Week Plus More

by Sean Smithon January 8, 2014
Run and gun fun

New Contra Game Teased By Konami

by Robin Parkeron June 3, 2011
At the end of their pre-E3 Press Conference held yesterday, Konami showed an image that suggested they were bringing back one of their most well-loved franchises. A fireball flashed across the screen and the image of a flaming “C” appeared, accompanied by the words “They’re Coming” – which seems to indicate that the company is […]

Hard Corps: Uprising Review

by Robin Parkeron February 17, 2011
Game: Hard Corps Uprising Developer: Arc System Works Publisher: Konami Available on: Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network (XBLA version reviewed) In 1987 arcades were exposed to a new run and gun action game from Konami. Two playable characters Bill and Lance – crack Commandos – tasked with the mission of taking down a terrorist […]

Konami’s Hard Corps: Uprising Launches Microsoft’s House Party

by Mark Bridleon January 12, 2011
You’ve probably heard that Xbox LIVE Arcade is hosting another of its five week special events. You haven’t? Well, you’re welcome. This particular XBLA event is going to be called House Party and it has just been announced that Konami’s Hard Corps: Uprising has been selected to be the first title of five released throughout […]

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The God is a Geek Retro Corner: Happy 25th Birthday – Top 10 NES Games

by Robin Parkeron November 5, 2010
He has saved the world, on at least 10 occasions. He has his own football team, Motor Racing competiton and his own tennis tournament. He paints, teaches typing and even dabbles in World History. He may be a medical professional, but he still loves to party. Considering he is turning 25 this October, Mario has […]

Konami Announce Their First Four Nintendo 3DS Games

by Martin Bakeron October 18, 2010
With interest in Nintendo’s upcoming Nintendo 3DS continuing to rise it’s only a matter of time before we get inundated with more information than we can handle about game releases. For the moment though the information is coming at a more than manageable pace. Konami today announced their support of the new hardware along with […]