Psychonauts, Costume Quest and Stacking Coming to Retail

by Mike Stubbsyon November 26, 2013
After Double Fine regain rights via “top-secret midnight raid”.

How Difficult is It to Pitch a Zombie Game to the Cookie Monster?

by Robin Parkeron September 9, 2011
In a new teaser trailer for the upcoming Kinect game from Warner Brothers Interactive and Double Fine Games: Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster, see legendary games designer Tim Schafer face his hardest audience yet, as he tries to sell a new Zombie game he has created to a very particular company executive. The trailer […]

New Stacking DLC Revealed Inadvertently Through Achievement List

by Robin Parkeron March 18, 2011
In a trend that is growing ever more common, an update to the achievement list on has revealed that a new pack of downloadable content is forthcoming for the latest title from Double Fine Games – Stacking. An update to has shown us that the new DLC will be entitled the Lost Hobo […]

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Tim Schafer To Bring Sesame Street To Kinect

by Robin Parkeron February 16, 2011
Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street? No? Well Tim Schafer knows the way. Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment have proudly announced that the characters of Sesame Street will be coming to your Xbox 360 console later this year for a Kinect-controlled adventure, and that the title Sesame Street: Once Upon A Monster will be […]

The God is a Geek Retro Corner: Tim Schafer Retrospective

by Robin Parkeron February 11, 2011
Tim Schafer is one of the most well-renowned creative minds in gaming today. When news leaks that his team of developers at DoubleFine Games are working on a new title, invariably discerning gamers will get ants in their pants in anticipation. From February 8th, their new puzzle title Stacking – produced in association with THQ – became […]

The Costume Quest Adventure Continues With Grubbins On Ice

by Robin Parkeron December 9, 2010
Fans of Double Fine Productions and their Adventure Role-Playing game – Costume Quest – rejoice! A new downloadable expansion for the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network title is out now on XBLA and will arrive on PSN on December 22. The expansion, entitled ‘Grubbins on Ice‘, transplants the main characters away from the Halloween-town featured in the […]