New Saints Row: The Third Trailer takes a pot-shot at Battlefield 3

by Robin Parkeron October 18, 2011
With Saints Row: The Third due to hit retail on November 18th, the development team at Volition have showed their typical flair for parody with the release of a new trailer for the game, that is obviously inspired by the Battlefield 3 trailer that has been circling for quite some time.

Meet The Deckers in the new Tron-Inspired Saints Row Trailer

by Robin Parkeron September 12, 2011
In the new Saints Row: The Third video that THQ and Volition have released today – entitled Deckers.Die – the Third City Saints meet a new cyber gang named the Deckers. Run by self-proclaimed virtual god Matt Miller, the group seem to be more than a little fond of the style and design of the […]

Whatcha Gonna Do Brother? Hulk Hogan Hits Saints Row: The Third

by Robin Parkeron July 20, 2011
After the developers of the game, Volition, gave us a look at how over-the-top the gameplay in Saints Row: The Third can really be, they have now revealed that one of the biggest icons of the Pro Wrestling industry – well known for its over-the-top and flamboyant characters – will be voicing a character in […]

Go Crazy For New L.A. Noire Reefer Madness Screenshots

by Robin Parkeron July 10, 2011
After Team Bondi and Rockstar Games released a trailer to show us all what to expect from the quickly-approaching next DLC case for L.A. Noire, entitled Reefer Madness – they have now also decided to send out a raft of new screenshots. The new case will be available for purchase on June 12th via Xbox […]

Saints Row: The Third – First Gameplay Footage

by Robin Parkeron June 24, 2011
Saints Row: The Third developers Volition have been teasing their latest title and releasing screenshots for several months, but now – for the first time – they have released a in-game trailer, showing footage of a whole bunch of the crazy stuff you will be able to get upto. The Saints Row series is famous […]

L.A. Noire Rockstar Pass Discount Extended

by Robin Parkeron June 16, 2011
After announcing the all-encompassing pass that entitles owners to all of the available and forthcoming L.A. Noire DLC for one bundled price, and the fact that it would be discounted for a limited time, Rockstar Games have happily released the news that the discount period is set to be extended. Originally set to end on […]

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Rockstar Show Off L.A. Noire Rockstar Pass In New Trailer

by Robin Parkeron June 2, 2011
Following on from their announcement that they have created the L.A. Noire Rockstar Pass, Rockstar Games have uploaded a trailer to show off the features and benefits of the system. The pass, that will allow users to pre-purchase all forthcoming DLC packs, as well as all of the existing pre-order bonus cases and extras – […]

Rockstar Games Social Club Features Revealed For L.A. Noire

by Robin Parkeron May 5, 2011
Not content with their weekly updates of new character dossiers and gameplay trailers, Rockstar Games have now announced some of the unique features that will be available for L.A. Noire, in conjunction with the Rockstar Games Social Club – both in-game and on the web. The Social Club is Rockstar’s own community destination for players of their […]

New L.A. Noire Character Dossier: Mickey Cohen

by Robin Parkeron April 28, 2011
Once again it is time for Rockstar Games to carry on their Character Dossier series, with the release of new slithers information and some nice new images about another in-game character. This week Team Bondi show us Mickey Cohen – who enjoys a high-up position in one of the most prominent crime families in America, which […]