Get Crush3D & Flip Burgers in This Week’s Nintendo Downloads

by Lee Garbutton February 7, 2012
Nintendo have announced their list of download goodies for this week, with something for every Nintendo console.

Crush3D Review

by Sean Smithon January 23, 2012
Is Crush3D the puzzle with another dimension as it claims or something that should have stayed within the realms it was comfortable with? Find out with the review here.

CRUSH3D Launch Trailer Released, Brains Begin to Ache

by Adam Cookon January 14, 2012
SEGA have recently released the launch trailer for the latest version of the game, which looks as mind-bending as ever. In CRUSH3D you still play as a young lad walking around a maze-like world, only now the 3D element of the Nintendo 3DS add even more to the puzzle nature of the game. Full story on

New Trailer for CRUSH3D

by Alex Wozniakon November 22, 2011
SEGA have released a new trailer for their upcoming 3DS puzzle game CRUSH3D. The trailer serves as a tutorial to the concept of ‘crushing’, which allows you to seamlessly transition between a 2D and a 3D world in order to solve the various puzzles in the game. Featuring the dressing gown wearing protagonist, and narrated […]

3DS Release Date For Shinobi Sneaks Out From SEGA – CRUSH3D Follows Suit

by Robin Parkeron July 20, 2011
One of SEGA’s most well-loved characters and former figureheads will be making his return to home consoles later in the year. The Shinobi franchise will be making its return with the first entry in the series since 2003, as Shinobi is due to be released on Nintendo 3Ds. That game has now been given the […]