You Won’t Need Your Umbrella Just Yet, Silent Hill: Downpour Has Been Delayed Until Early 2012

by Robin Parkeron October 11, 2011
Konami has come out and confirmed a rumour that had been circling for some time, that fans of the Silent Hill series feared – the release of Silent Hill Downpour has been delayed until next year. Originally intended as an Autumn 2011 release, the game has now been pushed back into next year, with an […]

Eurogamer Expo 2011: Silent Hill: Downpour Hands-On Preview

by Robin Parkeron September 26, 2011
Fans have become somewhat disillusioned with the Silent Hill series over the years. An instant cult classic after the first two titles on the series, it has recently gone off the rails somewhat – especially with the release of Silent Hill: Homecoming, that was farmed out by Konami and a Silent Hill title was developed […]

New Rocking Silent Hill: Downpour Trailer from the Tokyo Game Show

by Robin Parkeron September 19, 2011
In the absolute slew of trailers cvoming out of the Tokyo Game show last week, one could be forgiven for missing out on some of the most exciting videos. Konami released a number of new videos, but perhaps one of the more interesting ones is a new trailer from silent Hill: Downpour, which we haven’t […]

Silent Hill: Downpour Officially Announced

by Asim Tanviron January 24, 2011
Konami have today officially announced the eighth game in their hugely popular horror series, Silent Hill. The latest iteration is to be titled Silent Hill: Downpour and will see players take the role of Murphy Pendleton, a convict stranded in Silent Hill after his prison transport bus mysteriously crashes. Pendleton begins the game on outskirts […]