Saint & Greensie Episode 48

by Colm Ahernon January 23, 2013
On this week's episode of everyone's favourite comedy gaming podcast Saint & Greensie, the lads look at violence in video games.

New Multiplayer Maps Coming To Dead Space 2

by Martin Bakeron May 25, 2011
If you’re craving for more reasons to fire up the multiplayer on Dead Space 2 then we might have just the news you’ve been waiting to hear. Electronic Arts and Visceral Games today announced the Outbreak Map Pack for all your Necromorph dismembering needs. Remember, in space no-one can hear you sever limbs. The Necromorph […]

GodisaGeek Podcast – Season 2 Episode 14

by Adam Cookon April 4, 2011
It’s Monday morning, which can only mean one thing! Yes! It’s GodisaGeek Podcast time! Adam, Calvin, Robin and Tony have been playing rather a lot of games (especially Robin!) and they are going to tell you all about them!  They also introduce part one of a new semi-regular podcast feature called “Reasons to be Cheerful”, […]

Alienware M17xR3 Review

by Adam Cookon March 8, 2011
Model: AlienWare M17xR3 Manufacturer: Dell/Alienware Price: Starting at £1799 Availability: Currently unavailable* In concept, a laptop is the best thing since sliced bread. However, to get one to meet your every demand quite often you’ll have to pay the earth for one, and even then it’ll let you down somehow, usually when it comes to […]

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Dead Space 2: Severed – DLC Trailer

by Aryel Abrahamion February 23, 2011
Fancy playing some more Dead Space 2? Well if you feel like taking another trip through the mighty Sprawl then you are in luck!  The Dead Space 2: Severed DLC extends the Dead Space 2 story with the addition of two stand-alone single-player chapters. The digital pack which is set for release on March 1st, will […]

God Is A Geek Podcast – Season 2 Episode 8

by Adam Cookon February 21, 2011
It’s Monday, which means it’s time for the GodisaGeek Podcast! Asim Tanvir and Adam Cook return, joined by writer Tony Windebank as well as super special guest, PR Executive for Namco Bandai, Mr Peter Oliver! Pete joins us to tell us all about what is going on at Namco Bandai in the past, present and […]

UK Charts – Test Drive Unlimited 2 Hits Top Spot

by Adam Cookon February 14, 2011
It seems to be a trend these days, a simple equation if you will…new release = top spot! This week it is the turn of Namco-Bandai’s Test Drive Unlimited 2 to enjoy the honour, with Dead Space 2 dropping down to the number two slot. FIFA 11, Call of Duty: Black Ops and Assassin’s Creed […]