9 game franchises that need reviving

by Gary Baileyon September 16, 2018
Back to the Future

EA Has “Faith” in Dead Space as a Franchise

by Colm Ahernon August 27, 2013
Say p-p-please don't go away

Dead Space Movie In The Works

by Sean Smithon July 20, 2013
Courtesy of minds behind rubbish Chun Li flick and lukewarm I Am Legend

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Dead Space Series Hasn’t Been Cancelled

by Colm Ahernon June 17, 2013
Alive Space, I guess

Rumour: Dead Space Series in Trouble Following Poor Sales

by Ben Skipperon March 5, 2013
The future of EA's science fiction horror series Dead Space is in doubt following the poorer than expected sales of Dead Space 3.

UK Charts: Dead Space 3 Enters in the Top Spot

by Adam Cookon February 11, 2013
With EA's behemoth marketing budget, it's no shock that Dead Space 3 slips straight into the top spot, forcing Ni No Kuni out, as it drops to 6th. DmC drops further still, to 25th place, while the rest of the charts look like a who's who of big budget triple-A games.