Hades PS5

Hades and Death’s Door coming to Netflix

by Adam Cookon November 13, 2023
Just download it.
GOTY 2021: Adam Cook

GOTY 2021: Adam Cook

by Adam Cookon December 31, 2021
Big Boss Man.

GOTY 2021: Chris Hyde

by Chris Hydeon December 29, 2021
What a year!
Death's Door comes to PlayStation and Switch today

Death’s Door is out now for PlayStation and Switch

by Adam Cookon November 23, 2021
Everyone is welcome.

Xbox Summer Spotlight

Xbox announces Summer Spotlight 2021

by News Teamon July 27, 2021
Great games for the season

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Podcast 453: Death's Door, Skyward Sword HD, Sekiro

Podcast 453: Death’s Door, Skyward Sword HD, Sekiro

by Adam Cookon July 26, 2021
Knock, knock, knockin...
Death's Door Review

Death’s Door review

by Chris Whiteon July 20, 2021
Heart and soul