Dell CES 2020

Dell showcase new gaming innovations at CES 2020

by Chris Hydeon January 7, 2020
The gamer's in the Dell

Microsoft announces Windows 10 VR headsets

by Nick Gillhamon October 27, 2016
Priced Very Reasonably

How To Upgrade Your Alienware X51

by Calvin Robinsonon September 12, 2013
CR does hardware

New Alienware 14 Gaming Laptop Review

by Martin Bakeron September 2, 2013
A close encounter of the second kind...

Dell UltraSharp WQHD 27″ LED Monitor Review

by Calvin Robinsonon January 10, 2013
The PC gaming community is once again leading the way with higher-than-HD resolution gaming.

Alienware Teases New Web Series, The Proxy – Serious Prizes up for Grabs

by Advertorial - Paid Placementon March 8, 2012
Dell has teased a new web series, The Proxy, which launches today and comes with some serious prizes - including a flight in a fighter jet.

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Alienware X51 Review

by Calvin Robinsonon March 8, 2012
At around the size of an Xbox 360 and PS3, the Alienware X51 is definitely the smallest gaming PC we've ever reviewed.

Alienware Announce Small Form Factor Gaming PC: Alienware X51

by Calvin Robinsonon January 18, 2012
Designed in-house, the Alienware X51 is touted as "the smallest desktop Alienware has ever created". The X51 is exciting because it's something Alienware have never attempted before. The idea behind this new model is to have the industry recognised high performance of an Alienware brand, in an affordable shell.

Alienware M18x Review

by Adam Cookon January 12, 2012
Can Alienware destroy competition yet again with another laptop? Full review at