Destiny: Refer a Friend Trailer Shows you What Goodies you can get

by Nick Gillhamon November 24, 2015
Duo emotes, Shaders, Sparrows, SWORDS!

Destiny: More Revamped Year One Exotics Coming to The Taken King

by Nick Gillhamon November 24, 2015
Just to make it harder to finish your collection

Bungie Clarify the Content of Destiny’s November Update

by Nick Gillhamon November 13, 2015
Quite a lot of content to unpack here

Xur’s Catalogue: November 6 to November 7

by Nick Gillhamon November 6, 2015
Titans and Hunters better love helms

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Xur’s Exotic Catalogue: 30/10/15 to 31/10/15

by Nick Gillhamon October 30, 2015
Exotic Auto Rifle and new garb for the win!

Xur’s Catalogue: 23/10/15 to 24/10/15

by Nick Gillhamon October 23, 2015
A week to save your coins

Xur’s Exotic Catalogue: 16/10/15 to 17/10/15

by Nick Gillhamon October 16, 2015
Exotic sniper rifle get!