A Week in Gaming: 02/04/2012 – 06/04/2012

by Alex Wozniakon April 6, 2012
Hello and welcome to a very special Easter Edition of A Week in Gaming. I say Easter Edition, unfortunately there are no chocolate eggs to be had within this article, or any real reference to Easter, but I quite like special editions so I’m sticking with it.

Devil May Cry HD Collection Review

by Lee Garbutton April 3, 2012
Yet another HD Collection is on the horizon, but how does it fare compared to the multitude of other compilations we have seen in recent months? Find out with the GodisaGeek.com review of Devil May Cry HD Collection.

A Week in Gaming: 19/12/2011 – 23/12/2011

by Alex Wozniakon December 23, 2011
Merry Christmas everyone! Just because it’s nearly Christmas doesn’t mean we’ve slowed down here at GodisaGeek. I’m here with your weekly edition of all the best content that’s appeared on the site over the past week, including the biggest news stories, reviews, and articles. So without further ado let’s get going with this week’s A […]

Devil May Cry HD Collection Trailer

by Alex Wozniakon November 4, 2011
Capcom have released the first trailer for the Devil May Cry HD Collection, which brings together the first three Devil May Cry titles on one disc and in high-definition. The trailer consists of a montage of scenes from each of the three titles, all set to a thumping techno soundtrack which is guaranteed to make […]