Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Review

by Chris Whiteon October 25, 2016
Going Goku down in Acapulco.


Dragon Ball: Xenoverse Review

by Sean Smithon February 24, 2015
Freeza a jolly good fellow...

Debatable: Head To Kentucky For The Next Episode

by Colm Ahernon May 12, 2014
Previously, on "Episodic Content Needs A More Regular Release Schedule"

Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers Review

by James Bowdenon December 6, 2013
Radical intro. Not so radical game.

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Sonic Lost World 3DS Review

by Lee Garbutton October 18, 2013
There are no dinosaurs in this Lost World...

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai HD Collection Review

by Sean Smithon November 20, 2012
The Dimps-developed Budokai titles have been very popular with the animé crowd, transporting players into a vibrant and colourful brawl set in Toriyama-san’s universe, as seen in Weekly Shonen Jump or on Toei’s manic television series.