Meet Spidey and his Amazing Friends

Meet Spidey and his Amazing Friends coming to Disney+

by Chris Whiteon July 21, 2021
Friendly neighbourhood cartoon

Kingdom Hearts III DLC re mind is out now

by Lyle Carron February 26, 2020
Key new content

Disney Tsum Tsum Festival launches November 8

by Chris Hydeon July 29, 2019
Tsum to look out for

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Smallfoot and the 7 best role reversals in animated films

by Mick Fraseron February 22, 2019
Animated features full of slapstick and gaudy musical numbers are all well and good, but if you can also impart subtle and not-so-subtle lessons about self-confidence, equality, inclusivity, self-belief and acceptance. Here are some of our favourite animated movies to utilise the role-reversal conceit to positive effect.

Kingdom Hearts 3 review

by Chris Whiteon February 4, 2019
Let it go.

New Kingdom Hearts III Video Shows Off New Gameplay Features

by Gary Baileyon January 24, 2019
See brand new gameplay mechanics in action.