[CLOSED] Competition: Win Doodle Jump for Kinect on Xbox 360

by Martin Bakeron July 19, 2013
How about firing up that Kinect and doing some (Doodle) Jumping?

Sonic’s First Mobile Only Outing Available Now – Are You Ready to Jump?

by Jonny Lewison October 18, 2012
Sonic has today made his mobile only debut in pick up and play title Sonic Jump.

Doodle Jump Coming To Xbox 360 Kinect

by Adam Cookon March 16, 2011
If you haven’t heard of Doodle Jump, then you clearly aren’t playing enough iOS or Android games on your mobile device. A simple tilt of the screen to control your “doodle” as it jumps ever upwards toward the unending sky, in search of a high score, Doodle Jump is simplistic gaming personified! Well, today Lima […]