Retro Corner: Pen Pen TriIcelon

by Robin Parkeron June 7, 2013
Like a Triathlon, but much more weird.

Under Defeat HD Sees A November 9th UK Release

by Lee Garbutton October 23, 2012
Go get your schmup fix in mere weeks!

Jet Set Radio on the Vita Has Been Delayed

by Colm Ahernon October 16, 2012
The HD remake of Jet Set Radio has been been delayed on PlayStation Vita. But, fans of this Dreamcast classic will get to play it eventually

Sonic Adventure 2 Review

by Colm Ahernon October 11, 2012
Over a decade ago, Sonic Adventure 2 released to critical acclaim on SEGA's last ever home console. Now it's back, find out what we thought with the review.

Jet Set Radio HD Review

by Robin Parkeron September 15, 2012
Here is the review of the High Definition makeover SEGA has given to one of its classic Dreamcast games - Jet Set Radio HD. Read the full review over at

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Hall of Fame: Shenmue

by Advertorial - Paid Placementon April 20, 2012
This month's Hall of Fame induction is...Shenmue! Full article on

Dreamcast Classic Jet Set Radio Is Coming To Consoles & PC

by Lee Garbutton February 28, 2012
The Dreamcast may be long gone, but another of it’s many brilliant games is finally coming to over consoles this Summer.

Retro Corner: NFL Blitz 2000

by Robin Parkeron February 3, 2012
To follow-up on the release of a new NFL Blitz title from EA on Xbox LIVE Arcade and PSN, this month the Retro Corner will be looking back at NFL Blitz 2000 on the Dreamcast