God is a Geek @ E3 2010 – Impressions

by Asim Tanviron July 1, 2010
A couple of weeks ago two members of the GodisaGeek team (Asim and Calvin) were in sunny Los Angeles attending E3 2010 and after a brief recovery period (yes, it takes that long!), they have finally managed to compile together their thoughts for your reading pleasure. The big three conferences, Microsoft’s Kinect, Sony’s Move, Nintendo’s […]

E3 2010: Trailers You May Have Missed

by Niraj Shahon June 18, 2010
Sony has released a number of trailers this week at E3, and we have four more trailers you may have missed. Sony couldn’t fit every upcoming game into their press conference so they have released more trailers separately – you can check them out below. The Sly Collection God of War: Ghost of Sparta Heroes on the Move Hot [...]

E3 2010: Final Fantasy XIV Extended Trailer

by Niraj Shahon June 17, 2010
Sony revealed a new trailer for Final Fantasy XIV at their Press Conference on Tuesday. We have a extended version of the same trailer for you to enjoy below. It’s been a while since a new trailer was release, but we have to admit the game is shaping up nicely.

E3 2010: Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 Impressions

by Asim Tanviron June 17, 2010
It is well known amongst football gaming fans that Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) hasn’t taken to the PS3 and Xbox 360 (aka “next-gen”) platforms like the proverbial duck to water. Just a few weeks ago, the GodisaGeek team discussed the issues that plagued the “next-gen” efforts and how the FIFA series had taken over. In […]

E3 2010: Heavy Rain: Move Edition Dated for October

by Niraj Shahon June 17, 2010
Heavy Rain: Move Edition is a updated version of this year’s classic interactive thriller that lets players use Sony’s new motion control to carry out movements within the game. The game will be updated to support the PlayStation Move controller in October 2010, almost a month after the controller launches. SCEE has also confirmed [...]

E3 2010: PlayStation Move UK Pricing Revealed

by Niraj Shahon June 16, 2010
PlayStation Move hits the UK a little later than the rest of Europe. The motion controller will be available to purchase in most European countries from September 15th 2010, but will hits the UK on September 17th 2010. The pricing details for the UK have also been revealed by SCEE – the PlayStation Move Pack [...]

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E3 2010: PlayStation Plus UK Pricing Revealed

by Niraj Shahon June 16, 2010
Now that PlayStation Plus is official, SCEE has revealed the pricing details for the UK. The service launches on June 29th 2010 and comes with a free three-month subscription period if you subscribe for one year. The cost in the UK for a 12-month subscription will be £39.99, or you can get a 3-month subscription [...]

Visit the Sony E3 Booth in PlayStation Home

by Niraj Shahon June 16, 2010
If you were unable to visit E3 2010 this year, worry not. Sony has recreated the entire booth virtually in PlayStation Home. You can watch Jack Tretton’s 2010 E3 press conference and get briefed on what to expect from the PlayStation platform in the coming months or check out the latest games [...]

E3 2010: Cross-Game Chat Confirmed for PS3

by Niraj Shahon June 16, 2010
According to Sony, Cross-Game Chat will be a new feature on the PS3 with Firmware 3.40 is available to download later this month. The confirmation about cross-game chat first appeared on the Swedish PlayStation Website, but was later taken down. It appears that cross-game chat will be part of PlayStation Plus. Detailed on the website: # Cross-game [...]