New Prototype 2 Developer Diary Shows Off the Hunting Mechanic from the New Title

by Robin Parkeron December 19, 2011
Hunt. Kill. Become - the new Developer Diary from the team at Radical Entertainment dive into the functionality and details behind PROTOTYPE 2’s new hunting gameplay mechanic.

Run for your Life in new Hitman: Absolution Trailer

by Robin Parkeron October 10, 2011
IO interactive are planning to show off a full walkthrough of gameplay for their forthcoming sequel in the Hitman series, Hitman: Absolution. Today, they have shown off a teaser video that gives us a taste of what we will see more of when the full video launches on October 11th. We see many skills of […]

Back To The Future: The Game – Full Season Review

by Robin Parkeron July 19, 2011
Game: Back To The Future: The Game – Episode 1-5 Developer: Telltale Games Publisher: Telltale Games Available on: Windows PC, Mac, iPad, PlayStation 3 When developers are handed a much-loved franchise, there will be a certain amount of pressure placed on their shoulders. But when that franchise is over twenty-five years old and is widely […]

EA Sports Partake In Some Full Contact With NHL 12

by Robin Parkeron July 13, 2011
Electronic Arts have had long held a monopoly on almost all of the top sports leagues. This includes a handful of American sports, which whilst they may not be hugely popular in the UK and Europe, they still produce top selling games over here. One of those leagues is the ice hockey league, the NHL. […]

XCOM Preview

by Aaron Sullivanon July 13, 2011
If the name XCOM doesn’t ring any bells then no need to worry. The XCOM series has never been a commercial hit, but has enjoyed a cult following among dedicated fans since its inception in 1994. Sixteen years later, and 2K Games are trying to give the title a new lick of paint to bring […]

PES 2012 Preview

by Aryel Abrahamion July 8, 2011
PES v FIFA is the eternal battle of the modern football (soccer) simulation, and is a battle which PES dominated last generation, reigning supreme in the PlayStation 2 era. Since then Konami have had some difficulty finding solid ground, falling behind in the current generation. Things changed last year though, with a process of revolution […]

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RAGE Preview

by Aaron Sullivanon July 5, 2011
It’s no secret that guys at id Software impressed us with their showing of RAGE at last years Eurogamer Expo, but this year we managed to get hands on with this amazing title at E3. So the question is, is it living up to expectations? During our time with the game there were six different […]

Mass Effect 3 Preview

by Aaron Sullivanon June 30, 2011
With the Mass Effect franchise, Bioware have spent an enormous amount of time and creative man-power moulding an epic storyline. This has created an experience that sci-fi fans and gamers alike can greatly appreciate. With the impending release of Mass Effect 3, we will finally get to see the beginning of its conclusion, and make […]

FIFA 12 Hands On Preview

by Aryel Abrahamion June 29, 2011
We recently had a chance to play some FIFA 12 down at EA’s offices in Guildford and then again at E3 2012. At E3 we were also treated to a nice little presentation by EA’s very own David Rutter. The presentation focused on the new impact engine, precision dribbling, and the big E3 announcement, EA […]