A Week in Gaming: 27/02/2012 – 02/03/2012

by Alex Wozniakon March 2, 2012
My how time flies. It seems like only yesterday that I was writing the first A Week in Gaming of February, and now we’re in merry March! Of course just because we’re already in the third month of 2012 doesn’t mean the team here at GodisaGeek is about to go on Spring Break. As ever […]

End of Nations Preview

by Rik Wortmanon February 29, 2012
Most of us will have at least dabbled in the world of MMORPG's but an MMORTS is significantly rarer. We got our hands on End of Nations, one such game, read what we thought with the GodisaGeek.com preview now.

Eurogamer Expo 2011: End of Nations Hands-On Preview

by Aryel Abrahamion October 3, 2011
End of Nations is the latest game to enter the new fangled genre of MMORTS, building on the success of the seven month old Rift, Trion Worlds are hoping for another MMO smash hit.