Life is Strange: Episode 2 Release Date Announced

by Greg Hillon March 16, 2015
Time goes by... so slowly.

Game of Thrones Episode 2: The Lost Lords Launch Trailer

by Dan Nayloron February 2, 2015

Sonic 4: Episode II Is Coming, Now With Added Tails

by Lee Garbutton February 24, 2012
Thanks to Sonic Generations, the little blue bugger has earned our respect, maybe even our love again. Now that Sonic’s flashback to the past has been and gone, it’s time to look forward to our next platform fix – Enter Sonic 4: Episode II.

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Battlefield 3 – Faultline Episode 2 – Good Effect On Target

by Martin Bakeron March 16, 2011
A couple of weeks ago we posted the first episode in the Faultline series of videos, showing some of the most amazing gameplay footage we’ve ever seen. The internet was almost set ablaze with talk of the Frostbite 2.0 engine and how good it looked. Some people thought it was real footage, others weren’t sure, […]

God is a Geek Podcast Episode 2

by Asim Tanviron July 31, 2009
It’s podcast time again folks. We all know you loved that first podcast so we got together once again to produce episode two. All the team from first podcast is back to discuss topics such as Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, gaming delays, WoW patch 3.2, ‘Splosion Man and much more. Enjoy! 🙂 [CLICK HERE TO […]