PlayStation Plus European Games for February Revealed, Get Excited!

by Martin Bakeron January 28, 2013
It feels like we say this a lot, but God damn PlayStation Plus is excellent. February's games have been revealed and yet again, PS+ members (in Europe) are going to be doing a happy dance.

F1 Race Stars Receives New Tracks Today

by Laura Bakeron January 8, 2013
Today sees the release of new content, in the form of India, China, Canada and Europe race tracks.


[Closed] Competition: Win F1 Race Stars

by Adam Cookon November 23, 2012
But there's a twist, the three copies are on all different formats, because hey, we love all formats! So we have one PC copy, one PlayStation 3 copy and one Xbox 360 copy.

The Godcast: Season 5 Episode 13

by Adam Cookon November 19, 2012
Last week, Adam discovered an iOS title called Punch Quest, which the team have jumped on and are playing, but the biggest game released recently is the one Calvin has been playing: Black Ops II. Martin also reviewed F1 Race Stars recently, so the discussion soon turns to Karting games. Also, are video games too easy these days?


F1 Race Stars Review

by Martin Bakeron November 13, 2012
F1 Race Stars is a new Formula 1 game that takes everything you thought you knew about the genre and throws it out the window; instead giving us a kart racing game in a similar vein to Mario Kart. Read the full review at

Watch New F1 Race Stars Trailers Here, as the Game Nears Release

by Colm Ahernon November 13, 2012
F1 Race Stars has started shipping to stores in North America, the game will release in the UK this Friday and there's some new trailers

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F1 Race Stars Demo Dated, New Trailer Released too

by Adam Cookon November 6, 2012
We've got good news for people who are intrigued, as you'll be able to sample the demo yourselves starting right now, if you're an Xbox 360 user in Europe or North America.

The Godcast: Season 5 Episode 10

by Adam Cookon October 29, 2012
This week the weekly discussion is handed to Lee as the trio talk about Movie adaptations of video games, which as we all know, means some bad movies.

All-New F1 Race Stars Gameplay Trailer

by Lee Garbutton October 24, 2012
…and you thought F1 drivers’ heads couldn’t get any bigger!