Steam For PS3 – Details Revealed

by Martin Bakeron April 13, 2011
A lot of gamers have heard of Steam, most will have even used — and fallen in love with — it over the years that it’s graced our PC’s. Then, last year at E3, we heard that the Steam platform would be making it’s way to our living rooms via the PS3. From that moment […]

A Week in Gaming With Adam Cook

by Adam Cookon August 15, 2010
It’s that time again, a week in gaming with GodisaGeek!  All the founding members have had their say, Calvin Robinson discussed Mac and motion gaming last week and this week it’s the turn of reviewer Adam Cook to attempt mass communication.  So please…sit down, take a sip of whatever beverage is to hand and please, […]

PS3 Slim UK price confirmed plus a few more details

by Asim Tanviron August 18, 2009
Sony have now confirmed to MCV that the PS3 Slim will be priced at £249.99 in the UK. Aswell as that Sony have also released a few more details about the PS3 Slim which can be seen below. The console will have firmware 3.00 installed on the hard drive. A vertical stand will be available […]