Want To Play FIFA 11 With Wayne Rooney?

by Asim Tanviron October 13, 2010
If the answer to the above question is “yes” then you might be interested in a little competition EA are running. As part of their “sit down if you love FIFA” campaign, EA are getting their FIFA 11 cover star, Wayne Rooney, to judge your fancy goal celebrations. These celebrations can be performed at your […]

FIFA 11 Review

by Adam Cookon September 29, 2010
Game: FIFA 11 Developer: EA Canada Publisher: EA Available On: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC (Reviewed on Xbox 360) It’s that time again folks, FIFA is 11 (according to the adverts) and with the new year comes new features, new concerns, new hopes and yet another chance for EA to get the online modes […]

PES 2011 and FIFA 11 Demos Now Available

by Asim Tanviron September 15, 2010
The battle for football gaming supremacy has well and truly begun folks. “Why is that?”, we hear you say. It’s because demos of PES 2011 and FIFA 11 are now available to download on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, allowing football gaming fans around the world to get a taste of both titles […]

FIFA 11 Hands On Impressions

by Aryel Abrahamion September 2, 2010
FIFA is one of the most successful football (soccer) games of all time, but only in recent years has the game truly deserved the title with the introduction of some revolutionary gameplay changes such as 360 degree dribbling and the be a pro game mode. Whilst the foundations have been laid with FIFA 08, 09 and 10, […]

PES 2011 vs FIFA 11 Podcast – First Leg

by Aryel Abrahamion August 29, 2010
With a month or so left until PES 2011 and FIFA 11 are finally released, our usual football experts Aryel and Asim get on the mic to record a very special PES 2011 vs FIFA 11 podcast. Having played pre-release code of both games, in this podcast they compare key aspects such as passing, shooting, […]

A Week in Gaming With Aryel Abrahami

by Aryel Abrahamion August 22, 2010
It would seem that we have gone full circle with our “Week in Gaming” feature and it is once again my time to bring you my week in gaming. Last week Adam Cook told us all about his new found love, StarCraft II and those pesky kids on Xbox Live. This week I will be discussing […]

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FIFA 11’s Gameplay Producer Talks Defensive AI

by Aryel Abrahamion July 9, 2010
EA have just released a new video with gameplay Producer Aaron McHardy talking about defensive AI. In the video McHardy talks about the negative aspects of FIFA 10’s back line positioning with fullbacks dropping too deep and centre backs not applying enough pressure. The gameplay producer assures viewers that a number of refinements are being worked on to improve the […]

PC Will Get Next-Gen FIFA 11

by Aryel Abrahamion July 8, 2010
Played FIFA on the PC recently? No neither have we, the current generation of consoles have been around for a few years now but the FIFA series on the PC has lagged behind with a last-gen game engine and graphics. Well no more says EA, The publisher has today announced that the football engine that drives […]

EA Sports Introduce Online Pass

by Aryel Abrahamion May 11, 2010
Played any EA games lately? Well if you have played Dragon Age, Mass Effect 2 or even Battlefield Bad Company 2 you will be familiar with “project $10”. The idea behind the project is to give a free code with every new retail purchase of particular EA titles, the code is then used to unlock “bonus” […]