LOVEFiLM Have Signed An Exclusive Streaming Deal with STUDIOCANAL

by Martin Bakeron September 28, 2011
While it’s not exactly video game news, if you use your PS3 to stream movies over the internet from LOVEFiLM then you may still be interested. LOVEFiLM have signed an exclusive long-term deal with STUDIOCANAL in the UK and Germany giving LOVEFiLM members access to the portfolio of new and library movies from the leading […]

Are Microsoft Bringing Stereoscopic 3D To Xbox 360?

by Robin Parkeron May 25, 2011
Rumours circling on the internet suggest that Microsoft are bringing stereoscopic 3D films and gaming to the Xbox 360 and that they are planning a full reveal at the Electronic Entertainment Expo next month. It is thought that the updates will enable the Microsoft console to bring to the table a 3D experience similar to […]

Ton Of Disney Movies Now Available For Rental On Your Xbox 360

by Sean Smithon April 6, 2011
Got Xbox Live and love the magic of Disney films? Then brace yourself for this news that 140 Disney Corporation flicks are now available for rent on your Xbox Live service. More on this news follows. Xbox LIVE is proud to announce that the magic of Disney is now available on an Xbox 360 console […]