New DLC for Final Fantasy XIII-2 Includes Assassin’s Creed Costume

by Tarak Fordon April 11, 2012
Square Enix and Final Fantasy continue to play dress up, as Assassin's Creed costumes hit XIII-2. That's not all though a few series favourites return from V & VIII.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Demo Available Today On Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3

by Lee Garbutton January 11, 2012
If you are excited about Final Fantasy, then you’ll be ecstatic that the demo for Final Fantasy XIII-2 is available now for both Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3.

Two new platform-specific Trailers for Final Fantasy XIII-2 released at the Tokyo Game Show

by Robin Parkeron September 20, 2011
Square Enix were among the bigs guns showing off their latest titles at the Tokyo Game Show, so it is no surprise to hear that a few Final Fantasy related videos surfaced at the event. With Final Fantasy XIII-2 – a direct sequel to Final Fantasy XIII – set for release early next year, the […]

Lightning strikes twice as new Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailer is released

by Robin Parkeron August 26, 2011
After some new screenshots and gameplay details were released a couple of weeks ago, Square Enix have now put together a brand new trailer for Final Fantasy XIII-2, featuring the popular Final Fantasy XIII character, Lightning. The game is set five years after the events of the previous game, and Lightning has disappeared, so it […]

New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screenshots Thrown At Gamers

by Robin Parkeron August 12, 2011
As the excitement amongst fans builds for the next instalment of the Final Fantasy series, Square Enix have released a few new screenshots for the game. These images show us a new action available in-game, known as the Moogle Throw. You will meet a Moogle character in the new game, and after gaining their trust […]

New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screenshots

by Adam Cookon July 12, 2011
Despite a lukewarm reaction to Final Fantasy XIII, we fans of the series will always be excited about a new instalment being released. Final Fantasy XIII-2 is no different, and today we have some new screenshots for you to take a look at. From the screens we can see that the combat system looks like […]

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New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screenshots & Artwork

by Asim Tanviron January 27, 2011
It’s only been a week since Square Enix unveiled the teaser trailer for Final Fantasy XIII-2, but it seems like they want you all to keep the game at the forefront of your mind. Well, something like that anyway. Today, not only have they released two brand new screenshots, but they have gone a step […]

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Officially Announced

by Adam Cookon January 18, 2011
Rumours have been floating around for a few days that this might be coming, and today Square-Enix have officially announced that it is real, and coming “Next Winter”. As with Final Fantasy XIII, this new title will be coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It will also feature a new story that stems from […]