Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call Review

by Adam Cookon September 11, 2014
The Final Countdown?

Geek in the Tubes – Episode 10: Metal Videogame Covers

by Martin Bakeron April 27, 2012
Geek in the Tubes returns to GodisaGeek with a selection of videogame inspired metal covers.

GodisaGeek’s Top 10 “God That Looks Good” Moments in Gaming History

by Mark Bridleon November 29, 2010
It takes a lot to shock folks nowadays. People seem to revel in being more cynical than everyone around them. Fortunately, that hasn’t stopped game developers from trying to push the boundaries of their own abilities and the consoles they program for. Their aim; to make us shake our heads in awe and simply say […]