Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth review

by Mick Fraseron February 22, 2024
Hero material

podcast 437 it takes two bayonetta final fantasy vii remake

Podcast #437: It Takes Two, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Bayonetta 2

by Chris Whiteon March 29, 2021
After previewing It Takes Two, the gang are back after playing through the entire game to see if it lives up to that preview-hype, or not? Can it maintain that brilliance over a 12-hour campaign? Adam Carroll has been playing lots of NES games for some reason, and has gone back to Bayonetta 2, while […]

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GOTY 2020 Mick Fraser

GOTY 2020: Mick Fraser

by Mick Fraseron December 30, 2020
The strength we need is all around us
GOTY 2020 - Best remake

GOTY 2020: Best Re-release or Remake – Final Fantasy VII Remake

by Mick Fraseron December 26, 2020
They did it. They actually did it.