Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII Is Now a Louis Vuitton Model

by Mikhail Madnanion January 5, 2016
So you think you can pull off this choco..outfit?

Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Slashed Up To 50%

by Sean Smithon September 26, 2012
Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Slashed Up To 50%. Read the full news post at

Square Enix Announce Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

by Adam Cookon September 3, 2012
All we know about the story so far is that it takes place quite a long time after Final Fantasy XIII-2 and is set in a world called Novus Partus, and that the doomsday countdown means that the world will end in 13 days. A clock will constantly count down in the corner of the screen to remind players of the imminent doom.

Final DLC for Final Fantasy XIII-2 Revealed

by Tarak Fordon May 15, 2012
Square Enix have today announced the final pieces of content for Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 to Get N7 Mass Effect 3 Armour as DLC

by Adam Cookon March 29, 2012
The collaborations for Final Fantasy XIII-2 continue. We've already had the Altair outfits from Assassin's Creed, but now EA have teamed up with Square-Enix to provide Mass Effect 3's N7 armour for Final Fantasy XIII-2 players.

The Godcast: Season 4 Episode 8

by Adam Cookon February 27, 2012
A rather unconventional introduction to the Godcast this week, as we find Adam, Calvin, Terry and Tony in fine moods, singing moods, if you will.

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Final Fantasy XIII-2’s Noel and Serah Costume Changes Released

by Rik Wortmanon February 22, 2012
Noel And Serah change their kit for some Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC.

UK Charts: Kingdoms of Amalur is the New Number One

by Adam Cookon February 13, 2012
New games everyone! Electronic Arts will wake up happy this morning, as Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is the new UK number one. Full charts on

UK Charts – Final Fantasy XIII-2 Finally Beats FIFA

by Adam Cookon February 6, 2012
All it took to knock FIFA 12 off the top spot was a behemoth of an JRPG and the re-release of the biggest stealth action games of all time!