First Run: Ouya

by Calvin Robinsonon June 27, 2013
Calvin Robinson and Colm Ahern boot up the Ouya for the first time, and talk you through it's systems and design.

First 15 Minutes: Happy Wars

by Colm Ahernon October 16, 2012
Adam & Colm take you through the first battle in the Happy Wars campaign - the first free-to-play game on Xbox LIVE Arcade.

First 10 Minutes: The Unfinished Swan

by Colm Ahernon October 15, 2012
A game like Giant Sparrow’s The Unfinished Swan doesn’t come along every day. With the troubles we all face in everyday life, whether they’re big or small, an escape from reality is always welcome.

First 15 Minutes: The Walking Dead: Episode 4

by Martin Bakeron October 12, 2012
The fourth episode of the hugely popular The Walking Dead series from Telltale is out, we've got the first 15 minutes of it for you. See the video at

A Game of Dwarves – Video Preview

by Martin Bakeron September 27, 2012
We've all been inundated with with stories of steel and intrigue, amongst other more questionable topics, from A Game of Thrones, but now it's time to learn about A Game of Dwarves. Watch the entire video at

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First 20 Minutes: Torchlight II

by Martin Bakeron September 19, 2012
Torchlight was a game from a few years ago that game out of nowhere and surprised all of us. It's finally time for the sequel to be released and you can see the first 20 minutes of it over at

First 20 Minutes: Worms Revolution

by Martin Bakeron September 16, 2012
If there was a game that could truly be called a revolution, it's Worms: Revolution. Check out the first 20 minutes of the game over at

First 20 Minutes: Tiny Troopers

by Martin Bakeron September 8, 2012
Tiny Troopers was a mobile game that was reviewed in Mobile Monday a while back. Now it's a fully fledged Steam title and we're here to bring you the first 20 minutes of it. Check out for the full video.