Dogfight 1942 Review

by Adam Cookon September 5, 2012
Dogfight 1942 won't revitalise the genre, but it's a fun example of an arcade flight simulator. Read the full review at

Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII Review

by Martin Bakeron August 28, 2012
Developed by the Australian developer Trickstar Games, and published by the peripheral specialists Mad Catz, Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII focuses on the American war in the Pacific against the Japanese, but is it any good? Read the full review at

First 15 Minutes: Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII

by Martin Bakeron July 23, 2012
Check out the first 15 minutes of the upcoming flight combat sim from Trickstar Games and Mad Catz, Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII. Head over to to see the full video.

Retro Corner: Star Wars Trilogy Arcade

by Robin Parkeron April 6, 2012
In the Retro Corner for April, Robin Parker takes a look back at Star Wars Trilogy Arcade, the Arcade Star Wars adaptation game from SEGA in 1998. Check out the full article at

New Aircraft Renders Released for Jane’s Advanced Strike Fighters

by Adam Cookon March 1, 2012
We've got four new aircraft renders for you to drool over, the F35, F4, MiG21 and MiG 29. So take a gander folks!

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Review

by Tony Windebankon October 11, 2011
Some people may say that fans will want the Ace Combat series to stay the same as it always has but in this day and age, with titles now becoming more profitable and more mainstream, the developers have looked to make additions to the title in an attempt to draw in new gamers while still keeping the hardcore fans happy. But the main question on everyone's lips is: have they reached the sky with Ace Combat: Assault Horizon? Or have they crashed and burned the series? Let's find out!