A Week in Gaming: 19/12/2011 – 23/12/2011

by Alex Wozniakon December 23, 2011
Merry Christmas everyone! Just because it’s nearly Christmas doesn’t mean we’ve slowed down here at GodisaGeek. I’m here with your weekly edition of all the best content that’s appeared on the site over the past week, including the biggest news stories, reviews, and articles. So without further ado let’s get going with this week’s A […]

A Week in Gaming: 12/12/2011 – 16/12/2011

by Alex Wozniakon December 16, 2011
Hello and welcome to a special edition of A Week in Gaming, brought to you by GodisaGeek! This week’s edition is a little different as we don’t have any reviews for you; instead we have comprehensive coverage of our Game of the Year content for 2011, including 5(!) Godcasts, as well as our UK exclusive […]

A Week in Gaming: 5/12/2011 – 9/12/2011

by Alex Wozniakon December 9, 2011
Hello and welcome to another edition of A Week in Gaming here on GodisaGeek! We’ve got some cracking content for you in this installment, including reviews of Rayman Origins and Mario Kart 7, an interview with radiangames, and the usual plethora of news and forum topics. So let’s get started! REVIEWS We’ve got five reviews […]

A Week in Gaming: 28/11/2011 – 2/12/2011

by Alex Wozniakon December 2, 2011
Welcome to another edition of A Week in Gaming brought to you by your new Community Manager! This week we’ve got reviews of Sonic Generations on the 3DS and the new Need For Speed, as well as a preview of some of the games that will be accompanying the launch of the PlayStation Vita. We’ve […]

A Week in Gaming: 21/11/2011 – 25/11/2011

by Alex Wozniakon November 25, 2011
Alex Wozniak takes a look at a Week in Gaming on God is a Geek, with a round-up of the week's news, reviews, articles and more.

Ways To Follow GodisaGeek.com

by Adam Cookon March 16, 2011
In this day and age, information is everywhere, and everyone has their own preferences as to how they want that information delivered! We at GodisaGeek understand this need, and if you want to know the instant a story breaks, you can do so via numerous methods. Starting with our Twitter feed, @GodisaGeek : The second […]

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Ways to Follow GodisaGeek.com

by Adam Cookon November 4, 2010
Apart from visiting our website, did you know that there are other ways you can keep up with the latest happenings in the gaming world? First of all, you could follow our twitter account @GodisaGeek which will give you every headline, preview, review or article that hits the site, including a link to the full […]

Win a Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit T-Shirt!

by Adam Cookon October 26, 2010
In case you didn’t already know, we at GodisaGeek.com have discussion forums open right now for our visitors to talk about whatever takes their fancy! We’ve been running competitions there for a few weeks now and thought now would be the time to throw it wide to all the fine people who aren’t members just […]

A Week In Gaming With Adam Cook

by Adam Cookon September 19, 2010
Wow, a lot can happen in a short time folks!  Back when I wrote my first “A Week in Gaming with…” I was getting into the throws of the site happenings, and now I’m the Community Manager, though I still of course am a writer and contributer.  But a lot can happen, and since then […]