Darksiders II Review

by Martin Bakeron August 14, 2012
Darksiders II is a serious Game of the Year contender, a title that a gamer dreams of indulging themselves with and something that the guys over at Vigil Games can truly be proud of.

Darksiders II Preview

by Joe Bognaron May 24, 2012
Darksiders 2 takes place right after the first game and the player gets to become Death who's on a journey to clear his brother, War's name. RPG elements, open world exploration and great

Darksiders Book 3: The Hordes Of Hell

by Aryel Abrahamion December 4, 2009
It seems like Friday is Darksiders day with another trailer being released. This week we get Book 3: The Hordes of Hell which focuses on some of the enemies you will be facing as a horseman of the apocalypse. It must be said that these episodic trailers which introduce new elements of the game bit […]