Ten Bad Games That Are Still Worth Playing

by Mick Fraseron July 23, 2015
Not all bad games are irredeemable.

Fuse Review

by Mick Fraseron June 7, 2013
You Fuse, you lose...

New Weapons In Development For Fuse

by Robin Parkeron May 29, 2013
The Fuse has been lit.

See the Power of Fuse-Powered Weapons in Launch Trailer

by Robin Parkeron May 17, 2013
Get ready to light the Fuse.

Loud Stuff Blows Up in the New Fuse Trailer

by Mick Fraseron May 9, 2013
The Fuse demo is out today - so here's a trailer where loads of stuff goes boom to rock music

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Fuse Demo Available Next Week

by Colm Ahernon May 3, 2013
EA has announced that Insomniac Games' upcoming shooter Fuse, will have a demo released next week.

Fuse Won’t Contain Microtransactions or an Online Pass

by Colm Ahernon April 9, 2013
The upcoming shooter from Insomniac Games – Fuse – won’t feature any microtransactions or an online pass.

Insomiac Games’ Fuse Now Has a Release Date

by Colm Ahernon March 25, 2013
The studio that brought you Ratchet & Clank is bringing Fuse to consoles this May.