Let’s Play: Silent Valley: Mystery Mansion

by Martin Bakeron October 31, 2013
The Welsh valleys are never silent...

Let’s Play: Treasure Seekers 3: Follow the Ghosts

by Martin Bakeron October 21, 2013
We ain't 'fraid of no ghost...

Let’s Play: The Island Castaway 2

by Martin Bakeron October 10, 2013
Not a single Wilson was seen.

Let’s Play: Brightstone Mysteries: Paranormal Hotel

by Martin Bakeron October 9, 2013
Paranormal Hotel? Like that one in Ghostbusters 2?

Mobile Monday – Fridge Words, Cave Quest, Tin Man Can, Old Clockmaker’s Riddle

by Martin Bakeron April 29, 2013
This week on Mobile Monday we're taking a look at Fridge Words from Thumbstar games, Cave Quest from MD Studio, Tin Man Can from RedCandy games and Old Clockmaker's Riddle from DAVA, Inc.

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Mobile Monday – Redrum: Dead Diary, NARR8, Spellwood: Word Game Adventure, The Adorables

by Martin Bakeron February 25, 2013
This week on Mobile Monday we’re taking a look at Redrum: Dead Diary from Anarchy Enterprises, NARR8 from NARR8 Limited, Spellwood: Word Game Adventure from Three Ring Design and The Adorables from Thumbstar Games.

Mobile Monday – E.T. The Extra Terrestrial, Righteous Kill, Kumo Lumo, Whisper of Fear: The Cursed Doll

by Martin Bakeron December 24, 2012
This week we’re taking a look at E.T. The Extra Terrestrial from Straw Dog Studios and BigPlay Digital, Righteous Kill from G5 Games, Kumo Lumo from Blitz Games and Whisper of Fear: The Cursed Doll from VOGAT.