Luigi’s Mansion review

by Nick Gillhamon October 19, 2018
Bros. Busters

A look back on 20 years of Crash Bandicoot

by David Hunteron September 9, 2016
Apples and masks

Retro Corner: SSX Tricky

by Robin Parkeron March 2, 2012
As a new re-boot of the SSX franchise launches from EA this month, the Retro Corner looks back at the stand-out game in the series, SSX Tricky.

A Look Back at the History of the Soul Series

by Sean Smithon February 4, 2012
With the sixth entry into the franchise recently hitting the shelves, GodisaGeek.com's own Sean Smith takes a look at the history of the popular fighter. "Welcome, to the stage of history" indeed.

The Vault: Top Ten Controllers

by Lee Garbutton January 13, 2012
There is one single component of video games that is so important, that to remove it would render the whole medium useless: It isn’t graphics or gameplay, nor is it sound; I am of course referring to the ever present controller, for without the joysticks and pads we have used for the past few decades, […]

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Nintendo Tease New Kirby Adventure For Wii

by Robin Parkeron January 29, 2011
Floating back into our hearts – Kirby is set to make a swift return to the Wii. Plans were revealed at an Investors meeting in Japan, where Nintendo made a surprising – and blurry – announcement. Coming up hot on the heels of his Epic Yarn, which was only released in Japan and the united […]