Gamescom 2010: Call of Duty Black Ops Impressions

by Calvin Robinsonon August 25, 2010
Being a huge Modern Warfare fan, my first stop at Gamescom 2010 had to be the Activision/Blizzard area. Myself and Asim went into the Black Ops booth with such high hopes…..not expectations, but hopes! As a gamer I really want Black Ops to offer me more of that Modern Warfare 2 goodness, but as a […]

Gamescom 2010: Medal of Honor – Hands-On Impressions

by Asim Tanviron August 22, 2010
Three years, that is how long it has been since the last Medal of Honor game was released. It’s no real surprise though because, with all due respect, the series had hit a rather large brick wall. The last game in the series (Airborne) had solid shooting mechanics but was a little dull, especially when […]

Gamescom 2010: Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Dormammu Trailer

by Aaron Sullivanon August 20, 2010
Viewtiful Joe is not the only new character to get the trailer treatment as Dormammu has taken time off from tormenting Doctor Strange and his buddies to appear in the latest Marvel Vs Capcom game. We have a sneaking suspicion this won’t be the last trailer from Capcom concerning Marvel Vs Capcom characters but for now […]

Gamescom 2010: Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Viewtiful Joe Trailer

by Aaron Sullivanon August 20, 2010
It’s a Capcom trend to release a mini trailer to show off newly revealed characters in their fighting games so why should Gamescom 2010 be any different? The answer is it isn’t, not one bit, and so we bring to you the trailer for Viewtiful Joe one of the latest characters to make their way […]

Gamescom 2010: Star Wars: The Old Republic – Hands-On Impressions

by Calvin Robinsonon August 20, 2010
With Star Wars: The Old Republic it isn’t so much the hype surrounding the game in the MMORPG community that is getting people excited…’s hope. The hope (or should that be “new hope”) that the pairing of creative genius at Bioware and the powerhouse franchise that is Star Wars is a match made in heaven. A […]

Visit Gamescom in PlayStation Home

by Niraj Shahon August 20, 2010
Couldn’t attend Gamescom this year? Visit the expo virtually in PlayStation Home instead. The Gamescom space will be available for two week and features the latest game trailers, multiplayer games and more. In other Home related updates, you can now find MAG personal spaces from Estates and more Star Wars furniture.

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Gamescom 2010: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Screenshots

by Aryel Abrahamion August 19, 2010
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Gamescom 2010 screenshots, what more can we say? Not much really, but we can tell you that our very own Aaron Sullivan and Asim Tanvir played the game at very special Konami press event last month and are just bursting at the seams to tell you all about it. Interested? Be […]

Gamescom 2010: Tekken X Street Fighter Prototype Screens

by Aaron Sullivanon August 19, 2010
We all know what Kazuya looks like in Street Fighter X Tekken, but what does Ryu look like in Tekken X Street Fighter? If you’ve been wondering what Namco are planning to do with your favourite fighting hobo then these screens from Gamescom might shed some light on proceedings. It’s worth noting that these are […]

Gamescom 2010: Super Scribblenauts Trailer

by Aryel Abrahamion August 19, 2010
It’s still Scribblenauts but this time its Super! What makes it Super exactly? Well, this time around the use of adjectives is allowed and very much encouraged. You will still be able to summon a wide variety of objects but now players can add words like “big” and “full”. You can now summon a “big” […]