GodCast: Season 3 Episode 9

by Adam Cookon August 22, 2011
This weeks the GodCast is a threesome, as Calvin, Adam and Terry are left to hold the fort during the insanity that is Gamescom 2011. News, news and more news is the order of the day, with a healthy side-order of Minecraft and Terraria, thanks to Calvin.

PES 2012 Gameplay Trailer from Gamescom 2011

by Adam Cookon August 19, 2011
Although Gamescom 2011 is winding down, Konami have released a nice length gameplay footage video for PES 2012, and we've got it here for you to enjoy.

Metro: Last Light – Gamescom 2011 Screenshots

by Adam Cookon August 18, 2011
Today though, we've got eleven new screenshots which just reinforce our feelings that Metro: Last Light is one of the most stunning looking games currently in development.

Darksiders II Screenshots and Announcement Trailer

by Adam Cookon August 18, 2011
The first Darksiders title came out of nowhere, blending together third person action adventure with a heavy dose of homage to The Legend of Zelda series, ending up with a simply phenomenal game which even featured in Game of the Year discussions.

Saints Row: The Third – The Walking Apocalypse Trailer, Screenshots and Mission Video

by Adam Cookon August 18, 2011
The Saints Row series has always played second fiddle to that other open world game series that tends to be released around the same time, but the second Saints Row title was extremely fun, if a little insane at times.

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Artwork and Packshots Revealed at Gamescom 2011

by Adam Cookon August 17, 2011
Konami have decided to reveal not only the packshots for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions, but some artwork as well

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Ubisoft Goes Big on Vita Support With Six Games in Development

by Terry Lucyon August 17, 2011
Ubisoft has announced that it has six games in development for Sony's upcoming PlayStation Vita handheld console, including an Assassin's Creed and a Rayman title.

Hauppauge Launches new High Definition Game Recorder

by Adam Cookon August 17, 2011
Recording yourself playing a game is all the rage these days, and when it comes to doing that (in HD no less) there’s really none finer than Hauppauge. The HD PVR is a fantastic model, but this new model, aimed directly at gamers looks to be something a bit special.

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Gamescom Gameplay Trailer, Screenshots

by Terry Lucyon August 16, 2011
Sony has released a new trailer for Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception and a massive 30 screenshots, to boot. They look amazing, Naughty Dog clearly knows where it's at.