Song of the Deep Review

by Mick Fraseron July 12, 2016
Diving Belle.

Insomniac Games unveils Song of the Deep

by Greg Hillon January 28, 2016
Man overboard.

DmC Special Edition Confirmed, Exclusive to Gamestop

by Adam Cookon November 6, 2012
We’ll keep it short and sweet, but we’ve just gotten word from Capcom that the DmC special edition we reported on yesterday has been confirmed.

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Hoard Pills in Max Payne 3 with the Newly Announced Pre-Order Incentive

by Benjamin Maltbieon March 27, 2012
Rockstar Games announces the Pre-order incentive for specific retailers. Preorder before April 15th and receive early access to the Pill Bottle multiplayer item.

GameStop Will Be Selling Limited Edition White PlayStation 3’s Starting Tonight!

by Charles Le Sueuron November 7, 2011
From Midnight tonight, Gamers can get their hands on the limited edition White PlayStation 3 from GameStop.

Flame Red Nintendo 3DS Hitting US Shelves This September

by Terry Lucyon August 10, 2011
Nintendo has announced that a new Flame Red 3DS will go on sale in the US from September 9th, while GameStop's UK arm has started selling the 3DS for under £135.