Alienware M17xR4 Gaming Laptop Review

by Martin Bakeron June 27, 2012
We recently go our hands on the fantastic new Alienware M17xR4 Gaming Laptop. The machine is a behemoth, but is it worth the price tag? Find out with the review.

ASUS Automobili Lamborghini VX7 Review

by Calvin Robinsonon January 15, 2012
Easily the nicest looking laptop I've ever had the luxury of playing games on, the VX7 from Asus has that signature Lamborghini style that you'd only expect to see on a car. The curvaceous frame and faux-headlight vents give this laptop a unique presence.

Razer Unveil “The Razer Blade”

by Aaron Sullivanon August 26, 2011
Razer have unveiled the sleek new Razer Blade; the "world's first true gaming laptop" (ahem!). The first thing that hit us was how sleek and beautiful that aluminium chassis looked, and yes, how strikingly similar it looked to a Macbook air/pro (we know you were thinking it too).