Dream Trigger 3D Trailer & Screenshots

by Adam Cookon March 5, 2011
Namco Bandai are seemingly at the top of their game recently! With Test Drive Unlimited 2 hitting the top spot in the UK Charts for release week, the annoucement of Dark Souls, a new Ridge Racer and Ridge Racer 3DS, and now we have Dream Trigger 3D. It’s hard to garner a lot of information […]

Resistance 3 Multiplayer Trailer

by Aaron Sullivanon March 4, 2011
Insomniac have released a trailer for Resistance 3 straigh off the production line at GDC, giving fans of the series a chance to see the multiplayer in motion for the first time and get them salivating. The trailer shows of how the revamped multiplayer aspect of the game is shaping up and we have to […]