Godcast Extra: Edge of Space

by Adam Cookon November 20, 2012
In this edition of Godcast Extra, Adam chats to Jacob Crane about everything from crafting in the game, to what it's like being an indie developer these days, all the way to the important questions like "Where do you keep your Ketchup?".

Godcast Extra: The Story Mechanic with Edmund McMillen

by Adam Cookon August 13, 2012
Continuing to bring you a Monday morning podcast whilst we're gearing up for Season 5, Mark Bridle chatted to Edmund McMillen recently, so we've got the full interview for you to hear.

Godcast Extra: GameFly Edition

by Adam Cookon March 26, 2012
On top of this morning’s episode of The Godcast, we’ve got a very special Godcast Extra for you today, as Alex and Adam have a chat with Gamefly Senior Vice President of Business Development (and founder of Gamefly), Sean Spector.

A Week in Gaming: 5/12/2011 – 9/12/2011

by Alex Wozniakon December 9, 2011
Hello and welcome to another edition of A Week in Gaming here on GodisaGeek! We’ve got some cracking content for you in this installment, including reviews of Rayman Origins and Mario Kart 7, an interview with radiangames, and the usual plethora of news and forum topics. So let’s get started! REVIEWS We’ve got five reviews […]

A Week in Gaming: 28/11/2011 – 2/12/2011

by Alex Wozniakon December 2, 2011
Welcome to another edition of A Week in Gaming brought to you by your new Community Manager! This week we’ve got reviews of Sonic Generations on the 3DS and the new Need For Speed, as well as a preview of some of the games that will be accompanying the launch of the PlayStation Vita. We’ve […]

Godcast Extra: Children & Gaming

by Adam Cookon November 28, 2011
You've all heard the story about little Johnny's mum taking a game back to the shop, complaining that it has "aliens" in it, which aren't suitable for little Johnny. But should this fictional child have ever gotten the game into his possession to begin with? Do age ratings mean anything? Do people knowingly sell to under-age children? All this and more in this week's Godcast Extra.

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A Week in Gaming: 21/11/2011 – 25/11/2011

by Alex Wozniakon November 25, 2011
Alex Wozniak takes a look at a Week in Gaming on God is a Geek, with a round-up of the week's news, reviews, articles and more.

Godcast Extra: Retail and Release Dates

by Advertorial - Paid Placementon November 14, 2011
This week in Godcast Extra, Alex joins Adam, Calvin and Tony to discuss what a release date means in 2011, why people shop where they do and what what business models online and high-street retailers use to drum up business. GodisaGeek.com