Here’s a sample of what you get if you back us on Patreon

by Adam Cookon July 5, 2017
Help us out and get a raft of benefits.

We have an iOS app! Here’s how you use it

by Adam Cookon December 7, 2015
Android and more is possible, too.

Welcome to your New Look GodisaGeek

by Adam Cookon October 12, 2014
Wipe your feet on your way in, please.

GodisaGeek’s Post-Christmas Gift Guide

by Calvin Robinsonon January 4, 2014
We all need someone telling us how to spend our money...

Ding! Episode 065

by Martin Bakeron December 21, 2013
The one where the guys return!

Welcome to Your New Look

by Adam Cookon May 7, 2013
As you may have noticed, things look rather different on right about now. We've had a long-overdue facelift, but the reasons aren't purely to show off fancy graphics and design, we want our content to be easily accessible to you, the reader.

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Ding! Live! Episode 059

by Calvin Robinsonon April 29, 2013
Ding! Live! was recorded this past Saturday at 12pm BST. In case you missed the show while it was on, here is the archived version for listening at your own leisure.

Introducing Our New News Editor, Colm Ahern

by Adam Cookon October 31, 2012
It gives me enormous pleasure and a slight swell of pride, to announce that from tomorrow, November 1, Colm Ahern will be taking the helm as our News Editor.

Action EArs Podcast: Wrap-Up

by Adam Cookon August 21, 2012
The EA community team are back for their final show as they take us through each of their highlights from gamescom 2012.