Golden Force title image

Golden Force review

by Lyle Carron January 19, 2021
All that glitters is gold

Opinion: The Five Games That Would Make The 3DS Perfect

by Tom Reganon February 10, 2014
Prepare to want things

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Coming December 10th 2010

by Adam Cookon October 6, 2010
Nintendo has today announced the release date of the long-awaited Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, exclusively for Nintendo DS for Europe on…drum roll please…the 10th of December 2010! “Action adventure and role playing fans – whether they played the original Golden Sun games or not – will delight in the game’s strong storyline, intriguing plot twists, […]

Nintendo slowly crawl over the finish line

by Aaron Sullivanon June 2, 2009
So here we are again watching these conferences so you don’t have to. Nintendo just finished it’s press conference and well, it was an extremely slow start for the big N. The conference heavily leaned towards the DS side of things but the Wii was also shown some love. Surprisingly there was not much in […]